We at Kumarans believe that school is a place for teaching and learning and where students have the right to feel safe, secure and supported. To provide this supportive learning environment, students and others must foster respect among all members of the school community. Our school code of conduct is based on the belief that there are values fundamental to the well being of both the individual and society and that we are all responsible for the choices we make. The code encourages students to recognize and respect diversity and individual differences. In the process, we want students to develop self- discipline, which should be considered as a core of personal activity.

We expect our students to maintain and encourage high standards of personal conduct. These include honesty, discipline, integrity, respect and consideration, ethics and values.

Responsibilities Towards School – General

  • To protect and promote the sanctity of the school.
  • To maintain peace, order and harmony in school
  • To safeguard and preserve school property.
  • To be socially responsible in the society.
  • To respect elders, teachers and friends.
  • To treat the helpers and drivers of the school with respect.
  • To maintain cleanliness in the campus and also help in making our school an ecologically “green” school.
  • To attend and maintain the dignity and sanctity of the school assembly.
  • To maintain regularity in academic and non- academic activities.
  • To follow the general instructions given in the school by teachers and leaders.
  • To uphold the dignity of the school programmes by organising, participating and helping.
  • Students should speak softly and only in English while in school.
  • Student needs to attend all activities organized by the school such as Literary Fest,Independence Day Celebration, Sports Day or any other activities.
  • Student should take part in the school elections and discharge the duties as expected in the governance of the school and follow the rules and regulations.

Responsibilities Towards School In The Class

  • Students should regularly submit school work.
  • Students should go to their respective classes on time.
  • While changing classes, students should maintain corridor discipline.
  • Students should seek the permission of the teacher to leave class early.
  • To ensure safety, student are not allowed to play in the classrooms.

Responsibilities Towards Friends

  • Students should help a friend in need – studies or otherwise.
  • Students should not resort to bullying on the bus or in school.
  • Students should use appropriate language in school with friends and others.
  • Students should not meddle with the personal belongings of others.
  • Students should take care of juniors in school and on bus.
  • Students should help friends or classmates to follow the right direction if he or she wavers.

Dress Code / Uniforms

  • Students must be dressed in the school uniform whenever they are on the school premises. Students need to be in complete school uniform when:
  • They represent the school in any inter-school event even if it is conducted during holidays.
  • When they accompany their parents for parent – teacher meetings.
  • When they come to school for any reason even if it is during their study holidays.
  • Students studying in Class X need to come in school uniform even after the graduation ceremony. They need to come in school uniform to collect their hall tickets or meet the teachers to clarify doubts.
  • Students have to wear the prescribed uniform of the school especially the shoes and socks.
  • House shirts need to be worn on the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month along with their blue skirt for girls and blue pants/shorts for boys.
  • Students should wear clean and well ironed dress including tie, belt and socks along with polished shoes everyday. It is very important that the ties are washed regularly.
Girl Students
  • Wear only one small stud or small earrings.
  • Girls who have very short hair are allowed to wear their hair loose. Other girls have to wear a single plait everyday to school.
  • It would be preferred if girls wear a small bindi to school if their culture permits them to do so.
Girl Students Are Not Permitted To
  • Have streaked hair, fancy hairstyles, leave shoulder length or long hair untied.
  • No layered haircut for girls which makes them look unkempt.
  • Eye make up or any other kind of make up during school hours.
  • Wear gold earrings, bangles, chains, colorful and fancy jewellery, long or hanging earrings.
  • Adorn their hair with flowers or colourful clips.
  • No painted nails. No applying mehendi on hands during school days.
Boy Students Are Not Permitted To
  • Wear caps and headgear in the school.
  • Have streaked hair, long hair, long side burns or fancy hairstyles.
  • Wear bracelets/chains/ friendship bands or other bands.

Entering And Leaving The Campus

  • Students are expected to reach school by 8:15 a.m. and to remain in school for the full working day. They should not arrive at school prior to 8:00 a.m. The school day ends at 2:00 p.m for classes I to III and 3:10 p.m. for classes IV to X.
  • Those who are making their own transport arrangements should reach the campus on time.
  • The time of leaving the premises depends on the extra activities carried out by each student. Parents should get prior information from the children on these activities so as to avoid any concern or anxiety regarding their delayed return from school.
  • Parents have to report to Security, get a visitor’s badge and sign in a register while entering the campus.
  • Prior appointment should be obtained from the office, for parents to visit if other than for planned meetings such as Parent-Teachers meeting.
  • If a parent has been called by the school, it is very important for them to report in the front office. No parents are allowed to go directly to meet the teachers.
  • Parents on other days other than the PT meetings have to report at the reception before they want to meet the coordinators or teachers.


If a student reaches school after 8:30 a.m., the physical education teacher will record his or her late entry in the discipline weekly record of the school diary.

Early Dismissal

Students should not leave school early unless there is a very important reason. If a student needs to leave early, the parent should send a note to the teacher in the diary explaining why he/she needs to leave early and what time he/she needs to leave. When parents arrive at school to pick up the student, he or she must go to the school office to sign out the student. The student will then be called to the office to leave. Parents should make every effort to schedule doctor and dentist appointments outside school hours. If a parent sends somebody else to pick up the child, the child will not be sent home if an authorization letter is not sent through the concerned person.

Leave Of Absence from School

The school does not surely not permit children to go on vacation during school hours. Parents need to plan their vacation only during school breaks and vacation and not otherwise.
Attending marriages and other social functions while the school is in session needs to be kept to the minimum and prior permission should be sought to avail leave.
If a child has not attended school even for a single day, the leave record in the diary should be filled and should have the parent’s signature when he or she returns to school and also the child should ensure that it is signed by the class teacher.
If a child has a medical condition and has not reported to school for more than a week, the leave letter should be accompanied by a medical certificate.


The staff and students of the school are happy to offer their best wishes on a student’s birthday. However, since learning time at school is very important, no birthday parties will be allowed in school. No birthday parties for teachers may be held during or after school hours. It is very important that no gifts are distributed. Moreover, no expensive chocolates like chocolate bars should be offered either to students or teachers.


Students need to come to the front office, to make a phone call and not use the payphone to contact their parents if they are sick after informing the class teacher.Students of any class are not allowed to carry cell phones to school and the same will be confiscated by the school if it is found in the student’s possession and not returned.

Policy against Violence

We emphasise the importance of non-violence. Pushing, swearing, shoving, biting, hitting and kicking each other are unacceptable, even if done in fun. Physical assault will be dealt with severely, by suspension. It is very important that parents discuss this policy with their child(ren). The school needs parental support in this endeavour.

In the Assembly

  • Students must move from the gate in a single line, keep their bags in class, and join the assembly in time. They must maintain silence. They need to move and stand in a single line, as per class and section.
  • If late due to unavoidable circumstances, they must keep the bag to their left .
  • Be sincere during the prayer and national anthem.
  • Close your eyes. Pray and sing the songs aloud as a team.
  • Listen carefully, to all announcements and act accordingly.
  • During specific announcements, be attentive and sincere in expressing your appreciation for others in the assembly so that others do the same when your turn comes.
  • Give respect to the student leaders, who are performing their duties and follow their instructions. Your turn also may come, for the role of a leader when you would want others to listen to you.
  • After the assembly, students must silently move in a single line to the classrooms.
  • No one is allowed to miss assembly & this should be strictly followed even during tests & examinations.

Excuse from Physical Education

  • If a student is unable to participate in the weekly PT or swimming classes because of illness, a note must be recorded by the parent to the physical-education teacher in the diary explaining the illness, and she /he will be excused. In the event of a prolonged illness, a student must produce a medical certificate and seek exemption from PT or swimming
  • If a child is suffering from any serious medical condition, a letter to the class teacher at the beginning of the year is essential and important.

Tests / Worksheets / Examinations

If a student misses a unit test/ worksheet/ exam, no retest will be permitted unless the student is absent for a school-sponsored activity, for example travelling with a sports team, drama club, etc. This decision can be taken only by the Principal or Headmistress.

Homework Policy

  • Research has shown that when homework is regularly assigned and marked, students show higher levels of academic success. Homework contributes significantly to academic growth and achievement.
  • Homework shall be assigned as often as it is applicable or as an enhancement of the daily preparation for a completion of learning of concepts.
  • A record of instances where students report to school with assigned homework not completed will be maintained by the teachers and recorded in the diary. Parents are requested to check the diary weekly and sign the diary if a note has been sent by the teacher.
  • Parents of students who routinely do not complete home assignments will be informed to enable them to take corrective actions and the expectations of the school reiterated. Their co-operation is sought to ensure that all assigned homework is completed to the best of the student’s abilities.
  • Teachers have the right to detain students for a reasonable period during the lunch break in order to complete unfinished homework assignments.

In Case of Misconduct and Misbehaviour

Please remember that discipline, rules and regulations should be followed as a habit, without supervision and enforcement. These have been framed considering the students’ future.
We expect students to follow the various rules and regulations with minimal supervision. However, if a student violates acceptable standards of behaviour, the school may have to take some disciplinary action if the school does not find any positive change in behaviour.

The following activities are considered as misconduct and must be avoided. This is only a part of the list

  • Falsification of records.
  • Misrepresentation of the school.
  • Coming late and leaving early without permission
  • Continuous failure in wearing proper uniform, neatness and in doing home works
  • Willful destruction, sabotage and theft of school property or that of other students.
  • Failure or refusal to follow the instructions of the school and teachers.
  • Disorderly or indecent behaviour, use of inappropriate language with fellow students and teachers / staff / visitors.
  • Carrying mobile phones or any compact discs / iPod either in school or while representing the school in various inter-school activities.

Behaviour in Bus

Bus drivers have complete charge of students riding the bus and will report misbehavior to school.
For the safety of all students who ride the bus, students are expected to obey the following rules
Follow the queue system while boarding and alighting the buses.

  • Give respect to the driver and conductor and wish them and thank them.
  • Start occupying the bus from the last row & last seat. Avoid reserving seats for others. Allow the next student getting in, to sit next to you.
  • Avoid rushing and pushing others.
  • Students must use only the bus and the bus stop assigned to them. If children are forced to use some other bus, the school needs a letter from the parent and has to be approved by the school.
  • Students may not enter or leave the bus at any place except the student’s regular bus stop or school unless the student has a note from home that has been approved by the Principal or Headmistress.
  • Students must stay in their seat while the bus is in motion.
  • Students must keep the aisle of the bus clear at all times. Items such as books, bags must not block the aisle.
  • Students must obey all bus safety rules and follow the directions of their bus driver.
  • Students must not litter the inside of the bus, throw anything out of the window, or cause damage to the bus.
  • No bullying.
  • No verbal assault of persons on the bus.
  • Using any electronic devices during the operation of a bus, like audible radios, tape or compact disc players or any other electronic device in a manner that might interfere with bus communications equipment or distract the drivers.
  • Using mirrors, lasers, flash cameras, or any other lights or reflective devices in a manner that might interfere with the driver’s operation of the bus. Students must not eat or play hand games on the bus.

Positive reinforcements for Good Behaviour in School

  • Motivational certificates are given in class to appreciate all kinds of learners – art, reading, good behaviour, good in academics, best class award and improvement in academics.
  • Merit certificates are given to students of classes VI to X for their performance in term exams.
  • On Sports day, all sports stars who have done well at State and national levels are appreciated with a certificate and cash voucher.
  • Each year, children are encouraged to design the cover page of the diary, cover page of the book and it is these that are used by the school. Appreciation certificates are given to these children in the assembly.
  • Every achievement of the child in any competition is acknowledged in the school assembly.
  • Children who constantly display good behaviour will be appreciated with their names entered in the appreciation record that is available with the coordinators.
  • Every year, Class X students who have done well in their board exams are honoured with cash prizes.
  • Every year, outgoing students of Class X are honoured for various feats and achievements like music, dance, literary skills, academics, scientific talent, quizzing and service.

We request parents’ cooperation for the following:

  • Do not send expensive and excess stationery or send things that are not allowed by the school and if found with the child, same will be confiscated.
  • Parents are requested to approach the school for any student related incidents or queries. If there is a misunderstanding or fight amongst children, the same has to be brought to the notice of the school and please do not approach or deal with the issue directly with parents. We are doing this solely to avoid conflicts.
  • Parents should report to the front office if they need to pick up their children in case of emergency. Parents are not allowed to go to the classrooms directly.
  • There will be no refund of money (excursion, external exams etc) after the last date for withdrawal.
  • No last minute request for leave will be entertained unless it is an emergency. Three days notice to avail leave is required.
  • Attendance of students is compulsory on the first day and last day after and before vacation.
  • Parents are hereby informed that carrying of mobile phones or any other electronic gadgets is strictly prohibited in school and confiscated if a child has it and will never be returned.
  • Should a student choose to break a rule, the following consequences have been established by the school.
  • The child’s non- compliance of the rules agreed upon will be informed to the parents.
  • Regular poor behaviour by the child will cause for suspension from the School.

Be a Kumaranite

  • Begin and end a day with a prayer.
  • Greet all elders and teachers in class and outside.
  • Always be dressed in clean and complete uniform.
  • Always use acceptable language while speaking to others.
  • Speak softly and politely.
  • Keep corridors and classrooms clean.
  • While moving in corridors, walk silently in a straight line .
  • Seek permission to enter or leave a classroom.
  • In the class, maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning.
  • Complete assignments on time.
  • Use time and opportunities effectively. Make optimum use of time and opportunities to excel.
  • Respect people and property.
  • Eat lunch at the place assigned and make sure that plates taken from the canteen are returned.
  • Restrict play to the playground. Make sure your actions do not compromise your safety or that of others.
  • Show concern for others.
  • Be responsible/ accountable.
  • Be proud to be a KUMARANITE.