High School-Curriculum

The school emphasizes on activity based instruction. ”Students learn by doing”- active participation of students in learning process is encouraged, thereby enabling students to take up the major responsibility of learning. This promotes self -learning and helps students become self-reliant. The school uses instructional media, which creates readiness in students, providing clarity, precision and accuracy in processing information. In order to create visual images which help in retention of learnt concepts, project work , models, assignments, newspaper cuttings, etc are effectively.


Subjects taught


Classes Subjects
IX, X I Language(Paper I & II), II Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History & Civics, Geography, Group III elective(VI subject)- Computer Applications/Economic applications/Physical Education


Language Pattern


I language- English (Compulsory) – for all classes
Classes IX, X II Language- Hindi/Sanskrit/Kannada



The progress of every student is checked by means of regular tests, exams and project work.Examinations are conducted from class IV onwards.

Promotion will be done on the basis of their annual exam performance, strictly adhering to the ICSE board rules and regulations.

Toppers are awarded Merit cards and medals/badges for every test and exam.

Internal Assessment

Students need to be judged by what they can do, not by what they cannot do.
Hence, ICSE has introduced Internal Assessment in the form of Project work, as an integral part of the curriculum. Project work is given 20% weightage, The evaluation is based on multiple criteria- aimed at assessing not only a student’s writing ability, but also other abilities like understanding, imagination, creativity , presentation skills, speaking skills, inter-personal and intra-personal skills.
Project work includes a range of methods like report writing, discussions, debates, role play, interviews, case studies, analysis, demonstrations, assignments, etc

Project Topics will be announced in advance. Students have to collect information/pictures/materials relevant to the topic. This should be compiled and submitted on the scheduled day in the class, under the guidance and supervision of the concerned teacher.

The continuous evolution of innovative measures is helping in making the teaching- learning process and evaluation more meaningful and comprehensive.