“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” ― Malcolm X

The ideal product of any education is to enable the child to discover him or herself. At Kumarans, we listen to the wind as it blows around each child, and recognize that our role is to value, foster, enlighten and help develop that child to become truly her / himself.

The real achievement of education is teaching students to enjoy the process of learning and to apply what they learn to the world around them. For the child to deal effectively with his environment, it is essential that the classroom structure encourages the child’s efforts to solve problems that confront him. In order to achieve this, the school espouses a student-friendly approach to impart education. It follows an integrated educational method by teaching and reinforcing the concepts through interesting activities. Through these activities students imbibe the necessary concepts under the guidance of a teacher who is more of a facilitator in the process of learning. At present, children are growing up in a rapidly changing world of science and technology. If we do not appropriate the most suitable method of teaching, then we may be sacrificing the children’s early childhood at the altar of academic achievement. So, our child-friendly approach to education with limited home assignments reduces the burden of heavy school work and heavy school bags. This,in turn allows family bonding to develop as the parents get to spend quality time with their children.

“Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I’ll understand.” is a famous saying and Kumarans strongly believes in it and emphasises on involvement and participation of the students in an active manner in the process of learning. The method of teaching through activities is unique, interesting and innovative. Children find hands-on experience more enjoyable than the traditional chalk-board method. This also facilitates the children to nurture inter-personal relations and the right ethos in their voyage of seeking and discovering knowledge.

Today, knowledge has expanded tremendously. So, the school leaves no stone unturned in its effort to bring about the overall development in a child. Through extra-curricular activities and collaborative learning, the school tries to achieve this.

Language pattern in primary school:

All schools affiliated to the Indian council for Secondary Education (ICSE) need to follow a three-language formula. The medium of instruction is English. Initially the emphasis is laid on developing oral language skills of the child and later on other skills like listening, reading and writing are integrated into the curriculum. English being the I Language is introduced in class I along with Kananda and Hindi ( II Language).


Continuous Assessment System

Our little children of the Junior section are too small and tender to take the pressure of examination, so Kumarans naturally wants these students of Junior classes to be free from stress-related problems and enjoy coming to school.

The school follows an informal system of Continuous Assessment where there is no formal examination system and the child’s performance in written class-work, assignment, worksheets, classroom discussion, participating in the activities are observed throughout the academic year and grades are allotted in the assessment report for skills in Math, English, Environmental Studies, Second Language, Games, Art and Craft, Classroom participation and Co-curricular activities.

Worksheets are given monthly once in every subject and the evaluated worksheets and review books are periodically sent home with positive remarks to boost the morale of the students. Great effort is taken to avoid negative remarks in the worksheets.

The school focuses and observes not only academics but also gives emphasis to the child’s personality development. A “Student Personality Profile” is also maintained where the teacher’s observation of the child in emotional development, social development, class room behavior, personal habits, food habits, special abilities, health and hygiene are recorded.

Appreciation cards- Twice a year appreciation cards are given to the well deserving children in different categories like- good speller, good handwriting, good creative writing, good behaviour etc.

This informal system of continuous assessment has been designed in accordance with our integrated approach to education.


Enrichment Activities

Quality Circle Time (QCT)

Sri Kumarans is one of the many schools around the world to adopt QCT at the Lower Primary Level as a useful tool to develop self esteem and self confidence in the children. During “Quality Circle Time” the children sit in a circle and discuss several issues and topics related to classroom and beyond. Each child takes a turn to speak and make their thoughts vocal. This activity develops the listening skills, their patience and the understanding ability of the children. They learn to speak with confidence and conviction. The teacher here acts as facilitator. She encourages the children to speak their mind and invokes the sense of freedom

Story Telling

Story telling has existed for centuries and has been embraced by various civilizations across the world. Everybody loves a good story. In fact stories can be magical and have the power to awaken, transform and enthrall the listeners.

To make story telling as an effective educational tool capable of conveying concept and idea Story telling has been introduced as a part of the curriculum for the children of Class I which will help revive the interest in learning both for the teacher and the taught.

Science Lab

Children are always curious and inquisitive about things around them. They are thrilled by their environment. To quench the thirst of curiosity and to satisfy the hunger of knowledge, Kumarans encourages the students to be one with nature through Environmental Studies and experiments. The objective of the experiments is to help the students to observe, differentiate, understand, interpret and infer and finally understand the scientific concept.

The students of lower primary sections are taken to the science lab to observe the specimens and models for improving their scientific concepts. Such exposure not only enriches their learning but also inculcates the urge of learning Science.


“A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body”. Doing regular exercise helps in maintaining good health. Amongst many exercises, swimming is one of the most popular exercises and is highly recommended for children of growing years. Sri Kumarans takes the privilege of having a personalized, world class standard swimming pool for children, which is built inside the campus.

Swimming is introduced in class III. The children are taken to the pool once a week for swimming as part of the curriculum. The pool is highly equipped with safety measures, life guards and well trained coaches who train the children and build their self confidence.

Swimming competitions are also held to encourage children.

Co-curricular Activities

Kumarans aims at overall grooming and growth of children. Academics and other co-curricular activities are given equal importance.

Competitions are held every academic year in areas like light music, dance, fancy dress, shloka recitation, recitation of poems in other languages, clay modeling, drawing, handwriting, pick and speak. Children at a very young age learn to value the importance of participation and bloom under the umbrella of healthy competition. The confidence that they gain prepares them for the tougher challenges ahead.

Prize winners are appreciated and felicitated with certificates and gift vouchers.

English Lab

English Language Lab is introduced in classes II and III to develop their language. Efforts are being made to cater to every child’s requirement in language development. Activities like Composition, Comprehension, Creative Writing, Poetry Writing and Story Writing for different levels have been designed so that every child is benefitted and his requirement is fulfilled. The activities are developed in such a manner that it would help the students to develop the skills of a language: listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Yoga is an ancient physical and spiritual discipline and a branch of philosophy that originated in India reportedly more than 5,000 years ago. The word yoga comes from Sanskrit word “yuj” which means to join or unite. “Joining or integrating of all aspects of the individual body with mind and mind with soul to achieve a happy balanced and useful life”.

The word yoga is associated with meditative practices in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. Yoga is a great way to improve flexibility in the spine, improve back strength and get overall good posture in children.

At Kumarans, Yoga is introduced right from Class I in the curriculum to help the children relax their mind and body.

Math Lab

We have a well equipped ‘Math Lab’ which nurtures our young kids.

The math lab is equipped with facilities to learn math through models, kits and activities.

It is a learning laboratory for hands on experience.

It is designed to explain complex mathematical concepts by using Tools, Simulated explanation and Audio-visual explanation. These activities stimulate young minds.

They generate interest in mathematical and geometrical concepts and learning becomes great fun.


Music is an inherent part of our nature and its exposure during child’s early years has a significant effect on their overall well being that lasts for a lifetime.

Children have a natural love for music. Music stimulates their overall intelligence and emotional development, nurtures their self esteem and encourages creativity, self confidence and curiosity. We at Kumarans strive hard to reach excellence in creating a smarter individual for future.


We have introduced Gym for class II students which will enhance flexibility, bone strength and build personal discipline.

Value Education

Education is a systematic attempt towards human learning. It is only with the understanding of the self that we can begin to understand our relationship with others and the environment. Education in values is essential in helping each one of us to reflect on the values we hold and understand them completely. Value education is to cultivate essential values in the students so that the civilization that teaches us the essential human values can be sustained and further developed. The need for value education among children has become imperative in the present times as we are witnessing the corrosion of the moral fabric of the society resulting in a lot of immoral and unethical deeds by people.

Keeping this in view, Kumarans caters to the requirement of imparting value education, which in turn helps the overall development of the child’s personality.


Art helps in the all round development of a child as it improves the mind and body co-ordination, helps to concentrate and complete their work neatly and also helps them to draw diagrams in different subjects as they grow up. Art is a medium, which increases the creativity and allows the child to express itself freely. Art is included in the curriculum right from Class I to nurture the overall development in children.


Chess being the intellectual game requires meticulous planning and execution. Thus, teaching the game at the primary levels of schooling in classes II and III helps children develop these qualities as a habit. That is what Sri Kumarans is aiming for by introducing the game at the primary level. In general, chess develops all the cognitive abilities as such it makes sense to introduce the game at the earliest. Visualizing this need earlier is the forte of Kumarans.

Edu Sports

The Students of classes I to IV have a structured physical Education programme in association with edusports Edusports is an organization which promotes play, sports and physical activities in a funfilled atmosphere. It aims to make the children fit, healthy and happy. To attain these aims a lot of physical activities are implemented and each one of them is interesting and innovative.

Many colourful props and equipments are utilized by Edusports keeping in view the age group and capabilities of the children. The curriculum is based on NASPE Standard. Children look forward to these activities and a wholesome development (physical, mental, social and emotional) can be noticed in them. They also become much more active.

Indoor Games / Outdoor Games

Concentration is not just an intellectual activity. It can be unconsciously built-in all the activities of children including physical activities. Therefore, students at Kumarans are encouraged to discover that thinking and concentration skills can be improved while having fun. Children enjoy indoor games like chess, carrom and table tennis.

To enable the students to inculcate traditional values and remember the folk games of the bygone days, the school has traditional indoor games wherein students enjoy playing traditional indoor games under the guidance of PE instructors. Children also have fun playing quite a number of outdoor games.

Exercise and mass drill is another category wherein children can improve their concentration skills. This is done during the P.T. sessions.


Pottery is introduced in the Curriculum right from Class I. Students enjoy working and playing with soft clay which creates great fun. It helps them build up confidence and enhances their creativity. It also builds up eye-hand coordination. The child’s inner fears and inhibitions are liberated while he/she makes wonderful clay models. It helps in the child’s mental and emotional development too.


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” ~ Dr. Seuss

Books are a wonderful influence in your life.

Reading is regarded as one of the most enriching habits for the simple reason that it is not just a hobby or a pastime that entertains you, but it is also an educational activity and hence brings to you a vast reservoir of knowledge. Reading increases the drive for knowledge and inspires people to gain more information. Thus a library is a treasure of valuable books for the people to use and gain from it.

Libraries are also a host to large number of books, which include various genres and are tremendously popular with the readers of varying age groups.

A library not only helps to inculcate the habit of reading but also inculcates a thirst for knowledge.

Library is introduced right from Class I in the Curriculum to inculcate good reading habits.


Other Activities and Celebrations

The primary section of the school is also active with many activities all through the year. The children celebrate Mango day, Green Earth day with great enthusiasm and interest. Other than these there is celebration of all religious festivals like Krishna Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturti, Onam, Dasara, Diwali, Id and Christmas which incorporates the thought ”Unity in diversity”, and helps the children to understand their cultural roots and traditions. All the festivals are celebrated with traditional songs and dance and the rituals associated with that festival. The children also participate in games, fancy dress, making charts, and they speak about the importance of the festival.


Field Trip

Field Trip makes children to learn to interact with people – their classmates and others.

Social skills are also enriched. Some kids are rarely around other people except for their immediate families and peers at school. So venturing into the public allows children to be exposed to different situations…

The field trips provide students the first hand experience. They enjoy sensorial learning, Concepts taught become discrete. In the process students become one with the nature in the open environment. Thus being with nature and looking at the nature, the students develop the right attitude to live in harmony with nature. In Kumarans we regularly take the students out on field to create a sense of inquisitiveness at an early age.