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All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.”

Education is a pretty broad concept that surpasses the four walls of a classroom. The core aim of education is to foster all round development of a child. All round development essentially means intellectual, physical, moral, sensible and social development. All round development can be achieved only through education. Education plays a fundamental role in the making of a man and his development as a culturally well developed social animal. To fulfill these objectives, there is a prime need of striking a balance between syllabus, curriculum, books and also co-curricular activities beyond that.

From strengthening the mind to promoting better time management skills, extracurricular activities can help students succeed in much more than just their academic endeavors.

Academic rigors such as in-depth reading and complex problem-solving go far to strengthen the mind, but extracurricular activities will take this mind strengthening even further. High-endurance sports, for example, will train students to maintain patience and resilience in the face of intense difficulty.

These activities can also work to build professional skills that a classroom alone cannot always foster. A leadership-oriented club, for example, will help students to learn essential skills in management and delegation, while a debate or speech club will provide additional public speaking practice for students. In short, extracurricular activities can arm students with many of the skills future employers will be looking for.

Our school encourages our students to pursue these activities to expose students to a more diverse range of interests.

The following is a report of the extra curricular activities for the year 2018-19 :

S.No. Event Venue Winners Class Prize
1 Inter Kumaran Fest – Quiz Seniors Sri Kumaran Public School, ICSE Mohit Hulse IX B 2nd Place
Sriram Sudheer Hebbale IX B
Ojas Singh IX A
2 Inter Kumaran Fest – Quiz Juniors Sri Kumaran Public School, ICSE Laavanyaa Krishnan VI C 2nd Place
Zoya Tripathi VI C
Gayatri Madhira VI C
3 Inter Kumaran Fest – Elocution Sri Kumaran Public School, ICSE Ritik Ravichandran VII B 2nd Place
4 Inter Kumaran Fest – Dance Sri Kumaran Public School, ICSE Anagha Guruprasad Rao X A 1st Place
Ahalya Sanjay Krishna X A
Laasya Suren X C
Chavi S Jain X C
Devanandana D X C
Aditi G IX A
Akshata Jena IX C
Vachana M Dev IX C
Jyesta Vardhan A J IX B
Sarvartha Siddhi S IX B