The school is conducting various after school activities for the benefit of the children:

1. Reap Benefit Program

This program is conducted for Classes VIII to X by Reap Benefit, an organization that closely works with organizations to promote innovation in eco literacy .

  • Engages the head, heart & mind of students in solving everyday environment problems of waste, water& energy
  • Involved in behavioural change process of unconsciously wrong to consciously wrong to consciously right and finally consciously right


  1. Develop a sense of empathy and become a CHANGE MAKER
  2. Measurable impact
  3. Develop problem solving Skills and innovations and connect it with the existing curriculum.


2. Quiz and Knowledge Workshop

The Quiz and Knowledge Workshop after-school program is designed to create and sustain a culture of quizzing. It is conducted for classes V to IX. Through a series of modules covering a wide range of topics from the world around us, the workshop will improve general awareness through fun learning techniques. The workshop will be delivered by a facilitator from Nexus.

The workshop Contains specially designed modules with age-appropriate information Will introduce participants to famous people, events, ideas and more Will be highly interactive, and will have audio-visual aids built in Is designed to bring children in touch both with history, and through explanation of culture and other influences also give them a perspective of how things are in the modern world.

3. Service Wing

“A generous heart, kind speech and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.” – Buddha

The service wing of the school strives to instill the spirit of service in the children. Interested students of class VII , VIII and all students of IX std are members of service wing.

The teachers in charge of the service wing plan the activities for the whole year. Students are taken to NGO ‘s to conduct activities and entertain them.

This year students made charts related to topics like plastics and its effect on nature, Alcoholism, drug abuse ,Child labour .Through dance drama the students showed the audience, the effect of alcoholism and child labour. Parents and students of Government school witnessed the programme. Our students taught them how to make paper bags.

Students were taken to Sri Ramashree Academy for Blind. Here the students visited the garden and factory which are taken care by the blind students. They learnt how these students learn dance and computer science. Students visited class rooms and spoke to students and learnt how they learn different subjects.

The students also selected old clothes ,story books, toys and stationery and distributed to the students of an orphanage.

Thus the service wing is lending a helping hand to differently abled and weaker section of society in different ways.


4. Bala Janaagraha

Bala Janaagraha is a civic awareness program introduced for class 8 from this year. This program aims at

  • Connecting children with local citizens and the local government in community action.
  • Empowering through Leadership Training.
  • Educating children on the role of the citizen(rights and responsibilities)
  • Inculcating spirit of voluntarism from childhood.

In this context series of activities will be conducted in their class rooms once a week, to make them aware of their duties and responsibilities. The class will be divided into four groups of 8 each. Each of these groups will take up a theme based project, theme for which will be given by balaJanaagraha team. The theme for this year being ‘OUR ROADS, the TENDER SURE way’,

The steps to be followed for the project are:

  1. Identify a road for the project
  2. Carry out the survey and gather information.
  3. Analyze the information
  4. Solution and action
  5. School level selection on the basis of project report submitted and verbal presentation
  6. Mini civic fests(Bangalore only)
  7. City level fests
  8. National level fest.

Project is evaluated

  1. By a selection committee.
  2. Marks are awarded for written work,Presentation,Posters/Charts, Slogans and Jingles
  3. Importance will be given to the originality of the project material.

This project is providing an opportunity to the young citizens of urban india, to understand the issues, city system concept and try to make a difference in their neighbourhoods’ by donning the cap of an urban planner.

Working on this project is a small step towards bringing about change through action thus transforming the quality of life in urban india.