Technology plays a vital role in the curriculum.

IT Fair serves as a platform for our children to build their confidence and improve their technical skills by demonstrating computer projects, models and charts to their peers, parents and teachers.

IT Fair was conducted in our school on 20th January, 2018. Students of classes IV to VII took part actively in the fair. They demonstrated their projects which consisted of different types of  software  like GIMP, MS PowerPoint, Scratch, MS Excel and HTML.  Skit and Presentation on Artificial Intelligence based on Genes Theory, Games, Quiz,  Animations, Demonstration on upcoming gadgets and technologies were the major highlights.

Projects about different digital image file types, comparing  different encoding algorithms used to compress the data ,that help in thorough research of  image search engines which opens the gate way for possible improvements for visual search engines. Models based on networking concepts were demonstrated.

Overall, IT fair opened a world of opportunities for the students to put their IT and computation  skills to test and also encourage them to explore and innovate !