“Kaledioscope “ the  exhibition encompassing art, science, and humanities was a runaway success!

In the  exhibition, students  of classes IV to VIII got  a chance to exhibit their  talent and  apply  practical aspect of the things that they have learnt  in  the classroom. This  was a  real opportunity  for the kids to easily implement the things that they  learn.

It was surprising to see the various pieces of handwork . The  exhibits were attractive and colourful for they had been prepared and designed well by the students with guidance from the Art teachers. The students were obviously enthusiastic about their work; for each item was displayed  carefully.

There were many sections to interest parents and friends who came to see the work of their children. In the geography section, there were clay models of physical features like hills, mountains and plateaus set in a natural environment of green landscape with rivers meandering through the land. The students took us back in time with a skit based on the historical war between Alexander the great and the hindu king  Porus. The students essayed the characters with such ease and elan!

Various exhibits on Science in our daily life kept the students and parents  enthused  through the day. Brain teasing mathematical games ,wherein the students had some tricky questions for the adults  were indeed a delight!

The exhibition ,true to its name was a colourful and interesting initiative  that opened the doors to creativity and innovation.