Sri Kumaran Public School, ICSE, is located at the far end of the pristine Kumaran Mallasandra Campus, and is surrounded by greenery as far as the eye can see. The ICSE campus is an idyllic space most suited for learning. The layout blends with the natural landscape, creating a harmonious flow between classrooms and outdoor spaces that converge and diverge effortlessly, proving to be a veritable utopia for all learning activity.

The U-shaped school building has a huge green space in the centre, where the daily assembly is conducted. There are four levels in the building that have been ergonomically designed based on the natural contours of the landscape.

Educational Facilities


The classrooms are airy and spacious with huge windows that allow for the easy movement of fresh air and bright light, even on rainy days. Green boards, comfortable chairs and desks, soft boards for display, fans, bright lights, lockers, a cupboard,and a dustbin are part of every classroom. Some classrooms open into little courtyards and open spaces that serve as activity centres and play areas, creating an environment conducive to learning.Each classroom has a magnificent view of the all-pervading greenery and opens into a wide corridor. The corridors have bulletin boards where children put up charts and posters.  Quotes are displayed prominently in the corridors, inspiring young minds.

Positioned at regular intervals in the corridors, are separate dustbins for paper and plastic that encourage the practice of waste segregation.

The Library

There are two libraries. The junior library is on level one while the senior library is on level two. Colourful furniture, bright reading spaces, and an array of attractive books make the library a favourite space for all students. The library is a full-fledged open access system, boasting of a wide and varied collection of more than ten thousand books.Other than stocking books, the library is now a repository and access point for newspapers, periodicals, maps, prints and documents.


The Physics, Chemistry, and Biology laboratories are well equipped with apparatus for scientific experimentation and observation, and are areas favourable for active learning. The ‘hands-on’ laboratory time is part of a wider process of learning. Students are prepared for their time in the laboratory as well as follow-up activities.

The Science Park

The Science Park is where the magic of science takes a practical and tangible form. Scientific gadgets have been installed in the open air where children imbibe scientific concepts through the play way method.

Co-curricular Facilities

Art and Pottery Rooms

There are two art rooms. One is for the students of the primary section, and the other is meant for the middle and high school children. The art rooms are a hub of creative activity, where students find expression in art and learn techniques of painting in different media and craft work.

Children experiment with clay modelling in the pottery room.

At the end of the year all artwork, clay models and handicrafts are displayed during the school exhibition/ Hobby Club Day.

Group Activity Rooms

Spacious rooms devoid of furniture serve as large group rooms for activities like yoga, dance, and dramatics.

The Auditorium

The air-conditioned auditorium can accommodate 450 people. The acoustics, and sound and light system are impressive, adding superlative effects to every programme. The auditorium is used to host formal functions like the Farewell for Standard X students, special guest lectures and cultural events like Kalakumbh.

The Amphitheatre

The amphitheatre is a semi-circular space that has a broad platform at the centre and levels of broad steps rising gradually to a considerable height. It can seat about 800 people. It is the venue of celebrations like the Independence Day and the Investiture. Plays and performances are sometimes staged here.

Sports Facilities

Students are encouraged to participate in sports during and after school hours. Students get opportunities to participate in a variety of games at all levels. The basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, and tennis courts host matches frequently. A standard 200 m track for athletics, a cricket pitch, and a 25 metre swimming pool conforming to global standards are other facilities available. Indoor game facilities for chess, carrom and table tennis are available.

Safety and Security

CCTV cameras have been installed all over the campus. The safety of students on campus is ensured by the security guards, the presence of CCTV cameras everywhere, the placement of fire extinguishers in every corridor and high boundary walls.

Other Facilities

The campus has accessible wash rooms on every floor, which are cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Medical Room

The school has a first aid centre and infirmary. Children who are unwell are sent to the Health Centre where basic medication and first aid is given. There are beds in the medical room where children who are injured or taken ill can rest. A trained nurse is always on call on all working days.

IT Infrastructure

There are two well-equipped computer labs with state of the art systems. The adjoining rooms serve as classrooms where theory classes are conducted.

Each staffroom is equipped with a system that is shared by the teachers of that staffroom. Use of paper is minimized as most communication is by email. Students and teachers use the internet for information and use technology to prepare for lessons and projects.

AV Rooms

There are two Audio-visual rooms with a projector, computer, and internet connectivity. Teachers use audio visual aids, educational CDs and PowerPoint presentations to make learning interesting. Students are encouraged to use technology in their projects and presentations.


There are two dining areas. The canteen serves nutritious breakfast and wholesome lunch. The students have to pre order their meals and different meal plans have been designed to suit the needs of children. There is a tuck shop that stocks delicious goodies. The food is prepared from the freshest and choicest ingredients and served under hygienic conditions. The meals are well-balanced and the portions are generous.